kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Friday, December 08, 2006

can i bleed, please?

crimony if i could just start bleeding it would be like a fricken release valve.
not because i'm worried or anything...
i'd have to be frenchy fuqua to pull some shit off like that...

and if that were true i would market that shit.
i think that's where mary went wrong.
i mean cuz judging from her rags in the mel gibson film
she did NOT invest the gold, frankincense and myrrh very well...

myrrh. heh. that's funny.
i can hear my dad saying "myrrh" ala life of brian.

ok so that's a long clip for the money shot but still i LOVE THAT FILM!!!

uhm where was i? oh ya so ya no way i'm pregnant
speaking of which the boy came over again last night

he needs me to fix a hole in his new jacket. he tore a whole in this great new
work carhart and needs it sewn up. he can't ask his mom to do it because
then he'll have to tell her how ripped it.

he was test driving a go kart that was powered by a drill
(don't ask it was an assignment for one of his engineering classes)
apparently it goes pretty fast.
so ya he wiped the fuck out and got road rash all over his leg.

we sat at the infamous kitchen table and talked.
he brought condoms. heh.
we hugged and i felt something rustling
in his shirt pocket. busted.
i told him i wasn't ready for that yet, if ever...

sex with an ex is way more complicated than you'd think.

so easy to fall into, but then it limits me in my interaction with others
him too.
i mean, if we're not right for each other, than who are we to be keeping each other
from our futures.
does that make any sense?

it weird dealing with this. i hadn't spoken with him in so long that i'd tricked myself into thinking that i dealt with all this stuff.
apparently not. apparently it was just on "pause" until we talked again.

so anyway, i made him haul all the air conditioners to the basement in exchange for me sewing his jacket. seems fair to me.

and this weekend i'm doing his laundry. for cash.