kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Monday, January 29, 2007

man has it really been that long

i hate when people make excuses for not blogging
kinda like i used to hate when people talked about quitting smoking.
until i quit smoking.
so here i am not blogging

i have this job now that's a job. my days fly by like the day that riki rachtman showed up with full sleeves tattooed on mtv.
i mean one day he was just a long hair
then they gave him headbangers ball
he smelled success so the next fucking day he had full sleeves.
ok it might not've happened exactly like that but you feel me.

so ya i'm not making much more money than before but i feel important and that's half the battle right?
i'm assistant to the head of operations at a huge university.
the head of operations is like the main dude. the main blue collar dude anyway. only he's not blue collar anymore 'cuz he's the dude.

and the dude is a nice guy. very low maintenance and trusting. he hires great people and then lets them do their job. dude is cool.

(holy crap matt just came out of the shower claiming that he's getting old and needs an ear hair trimmer, then he turns toward me and he has this huge clump of hair coming out of his ear -- it's my hair that falls out during conditioning!!! GROSS! i put in on the wall in the shower to hold it until i'm done showering only sometimes i forget and it stays ther for a day or five. is that gross? which part?)

so ya new boss rocks new job is fun right now. stressful sometimes but fun!

oh ya and i've finally come to believe that PMS is real. i fucking hate myself for saying that i really do but i swear i'm a fucking monster when will this stop?

ok that might be it for now. i love and miss you all i really do.