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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

somewhere in the middle lies the truth

so this hmong-american went hunting one day in wisconsin.

and ends up shooting eight people, killing six.

and now, i guess, we're trying to figure out who's fault it is.


some call it a crazy man on a spree, some call it racism, and unsurprisingly, some think it's the gun's fault.

-- "Chai Vang, 36, told Sawyer County sheriff's investigators he didn't know he was on private property."

(really? but he's been living here for 24 years and speaks fluent english)

-- "[Vang] said one of the victims, Joey Crotteau, tried to run away, but Vang chased him, got within 20 feet and shot him in the back."

-- "Authorities have said there was only
one gun among the eight hunters."

(eight people hunting with one gun?... hmmm)

-- "Vang's description of events differs sharply from the one authorities provided the day before, based on survivors' testimony, which described the rampage as an unprovoked attack."

-- "At another point, he
reloaded his semi-automatic, SKS assault rifle... and turned his reversible jacket inside out, so that the camoflauge side faced outwards instead of the high-visibility blaze-orange layer."

-- "'There is no way they would have shot at him' or teased him with racial epithets,
she said."

-- "'They treat you bad,'
said Ying Vang, executive director of a Hmong community center. He said whites hurl racial insults at Hmong American hunters. 'You don't hear that on the streets of St. Paul, but in hunting areas it's different.'"

so was it provoked?

who the fuck cares? the guy killed 6 people. with an assault rifle.

his bail was set at $2.5 million.