kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

ok i'm just gonna say this here and now

oh my fucking god i am so stressed out i'm surprised that i'm still conscious right now. i had a paper due in my all day class on saturday and i have a final exam tonight along with a 10-12 page research paper that i just finish that had to be in APA style who the fuck knew that and god damn does it suck talk about adding a whole extra hour of work trying to figure out how the fuck to cite sources and present your references and they're specific down to how to do a title page and where to put your pages numbers and a running title of 50 characters or less in the header what the fucking fuck?

and christ then last night while i'm at work at 630 my new sponsee calls to see where i'm at as i was supposed to meet her at 600 like usual only i'm in my office doing my paper pulling my hair out because i have no internet at home.

so i get here today to finish up the paper and holy shit i better check to see when my other class starts because it's a half semester class and wouldn't you FUCKING KNOW that it started LAST NIGHT and there are only 6 sessions and now i missed one and i have just emailed the prof begging forgiveness we'll see what she says i think i might be starting to decompress i didn't go to a meeting last night and i won't be able to go tonight because i have class jesus god thank god my good friend is walking my dogs for me.

so if you're my friend and i haven't called you please god give me a break no one complain abut how i haven't been in touch or i think i'll fucking cry. k?

yes i feel guilty for having gone to the ravens game when i had a paper due but gosh it was fun and they won so pbbbt.