kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

just popping in for a quickie

the viewing was nice she looked great i swear i wanted to take pictures but apparently you don't do that. heh.

the service was simple and pretty and i said that shit even though i had to stop while i wiped the tears away so i could read the last little paragraph of what i wrote.

it was very nice but the hardest part was when my 3 year old nephew said "goodnight mommom." fucking kids i tell ya. get me everytime.

i'm so grateful that i got to go home for a few days and regroup and be with friends. it gave me the extra little strength i needed to not lose it down here.

i am blessed.

oh ya and just so you don't think i'm entirely sane... on the flights down i just closed my eyes and pretended that my true love was sitting next to me saying all the right things as i know he would. i daydreamed that we put the armrest up and that i laid my head on his shoulder while i cried quietly and he brushed the hair behind my ear. it made all the difference in the world. i love him. more now than ever.

see? crazyland here i come!!?!

interment is today at one and it's raining just like it's supoosed to.

maybe today they'll let me take pictures.