kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Monday, December 11, 2006

an artist, a priest, and a uh... well, what am i?

i was going to do the old "an artist a priest and a ----- walk into a bar" joke. i didn't even have a punch line. cuz see, well this weekend i went to an art "opening" of a friend of mine and then straight away to the ordination of another friend.

so it was gonna be me and them walking into a bar. WAIT i just thought of a punchline...
the bartender sez "what can i getcha?"
and the ------ says, "is the coffee fresh?"
bwahahahah.... ok. so it's not that funny but i fucking JUST MADE IT UP EASE OFF OKAY???!?? gosh.

(uhm ya a little manic right now, i'm finally bleeding and i finished my term paper 5 hours early and class in cancelled tonight so i get to go see the jonestown documentary with a cute boy who doesn't hate punk rock in fact he likes it but other stuff too including good movies and daschunds - ya i know he's a total renaissance man)

(oh ya also i applied for this great job that i really really want but i don't even find out whether they're going to interview me for it until next week but shhh i get nervous about jinxing that stuff)

so where was i? oh yes what am i? how am i defined? i could said student but that could not be true as early as next week. maybe i could say addict cuz it's dirty and fun but really not demonstrative of who i am i could say "recovering addict" but doesn't that always sound condescending? i like junkie but i never shot up and "glasshead" just doesn't have the same ring to it. slut i like slut but since i can't even manage to sleep with my exboyfriend and i'm currently creating a thesis in my head about whether or not i should take a friendship to "the next level" i don't think i even qualify as a slut anymore. hmmm.

here. have some priest cake: