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i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

oh and by the way fuck the new version of blogger

i hate change. and i hate the way they make me feel like a loser every time they ask me "change to the NEW blogger?" or "sign in to the old blogger?"

i'm old school, bitches! even if is it harder and less intuitive. heh

that reminds me of a rant of an old friend of mine. he used to get all pissed about how streamlined bicycles had become. his point was that if the purpose of a bike was to get exercise, then the shittier the bike, the more exercise. so why were the "top riders" all about the sleek, light bikes? wouldn't it follow that the best bikers would be able to ride heavy pieces of shit up huge hills?


so i freaked out on my first night of class again this semester. it's crazy how fast i can go from full of vim and vigor to quit. so i dropped one class and am just taking the one this semester. i figure new relationship, still fairly new in recovery, new job... maybe this is the semester to take only one class.

my boss says "darn you'll just have to stay longer."

see when i interviewed he asked me how long i could stay (did i tell you this?) and i was very proud and happy and still sorta scared to say "three years" and mean it. (because my job is paying for grad school and it's going to take me about 3 years to get through the program given their yearly cap on tuition remission) i mean shit i've never done anything for three years straight much less promised that i would stay at a job that long. not even lying my ass off did i dare to dream i'd do something for three years. then come to find out that it was his only concern in hiring me. that i would only stay for three years. ONLY? jeez louize if he only knew what a fucking commitment that was.

but alas he hired me and is happy to hear now that i am taking it extra slow this semester. funny.

oh ya soon i'll tell you about the day i gave the bird to one of my other bosses. and just how much he didn't appreciate it. said sarcastically about me "we sure do hire class around here don't we?"

me and my fucking sense of humor. whoops.

oh ya p.s. you guys make me laugh out loud. especially you, shawna, miss "both my kids got straight a's"!!! (congrats!)