kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Friday, November 26, 2004

is it you?

once upon a time
(because that's how all sagas go)
baltimore met a boy she named kansas

on thanksgiving eve
at an impromptu dinner party for three

(yes... 3)
hosted by the holy oak

they ate pasta with shrimp
and tomatoes and basil
and talked about hollywood

they talked about philly
and weddings and great halls
and new york, the city and state

baltimore tried too hard to impress
(as she is want to do)
using wrong words in right contexts
and laughing a bit too loud

but kansas was witty and smart and gracious
and so was the holy oak

kansas talked about sitting in a concrete cell
and tapping on a computer all day
(or was that someone else...)

kansas was a liberal
from a conservative family
so the three didn't talk about politics

they talked about texas
and one of his ex's
and her sister who lived up north
(in canada)

they discussed delirious eddie
and punch drunk adam
and disagreed on many things

but kansas was witty and smart and gracious
and so was the holy oak

the oak made the dinner
baltimore washed up
and kansas drank kirin and sam

they watched ice cube
in a movie about crack
that was disguised in a purple haze

then saw billy idol
in a movie that wasn't as great
as the role he played
in the doors

they smoked cigarettes
and talked about the weather
and stayed up 'til

and when he was leaving
he hugged the tree
and also the city that reads

he left with the trash
and her attention
and ruined her thanksgiving day

because baltimore the city
was busy the next day
with the state of kansas on her mind

how the story will end
only four people know
(ok, maybe just two or three)
baltimore, kali, kansas the junkie
and perhaps the holy oak