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i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

seriously? the cake should've been red inside...

first things first

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The 2006 Weblog Awards

uhm ok so what's new? i've a decided to not define myself by what i do, thanks to cullen, or else i'd be refering to myself as "the nose picker" or "the grilled cheese sammich maker" or "the talker" ... hmm i kinda like the grilled cheese one...

anywho, like alix sez, i'm kali... which, by the way, i'm not.
which is a fun topic in and of itself.

see, these days some of my real life friends have been reading my blog. crikeys even my mom snuck a peek for a minute there. she claims she's not going to read anymore. i don't really mind either way, honestly.

so i think i used to have two personas one here online and then the "real" me out there in the real world. but then i started to get honest on this blog. (you remember that doncha?)

and so the two worlds started sorta meshing. and as it turns out, the only real reason i haven't told you all my real name is because, well, you know, the whole internet boogey man coming to my door to kill me dead thing...

but seriously, if you tried hard enough (not that i'm asking you to) you could figure out who i really am. i mean you KNOW WHO I REALLY AM.. but aw fuck you know what i mean.

anyway, that topic just got boring real fast.

anyway, the dirty kali is still over at faster than the world where she belongs. she posts every thursday morning still. pretty soon she's gonna have a threesome. with two dudes. that should be hot.

unless you're a homophobic white man. why white? i dunno, i just love giving you guys a bad rap...

plus if i said "black man" al sharpton would be on my doorstep with his camera crew talking about how well spoken obama is. obama. heh. one letter away from osama. ya. not gonna happen dude.