kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

diffusion of THC thru a semi-permeable membrane

have i told you that i have the coolest roommate ever?

i have? oh... ok.

well, last night i got home from running around and was getting ready to make some eggs for dinner... because, well... because that's all i had to make.

she comes out of her room and tells me that there's a stuffed mushroom in the fridge that i can have.

a fucking crabmeat stuffed huge god damned mushroom.

and she said i could have it.

not for nothin' but it was awesome. definitely put her over the top for the favorite roommate ever bid.

amanda jones hates me again. she's trying to solve her wife-beating husband problem. at some point she filed a restraining order. the cops came to talk to her. yada yada yada.

last night he shows up at the meeting. she leaves with him. in the middle of the meeting. leaves me a note that says

"i am sorry but i have to get this problem taken care of. amanda"

yes, because she's handled it so well thus far... she asks my advice on everything else, but this one she's handling herself.

yesterday she was getting piss-tested for her sober living program and she called to ask me that if her husband was smoking pot and she had sex with him, would she test positive for THC?

i wonder if she actually thinks this could happen or if she's covering herself. i say

"nope, that wouldn't do it. you can't use that excuse"

she says

"no i'm just wondering 'cuz i'm nervous about it."

she came up clean.

who fucking knows.