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i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

alright alright jeez i feel the need to defend myself here

what little shred of decency i have left is screaming for attention.

first of all. i've been asked to define "sexual encounter."

i've been accused (*ahem*) of clintonesque speech. so let me lay it down for you.

the aforementioned "blowjob guy" is not just some guy off the streets. he's a guy i've known for sometime. the "encounters" took place in my house. i am not a hooker. (if i were i'd have the fucking sense to get paid) the blowjob happened. the boy and i had broken up and this guy and i are friends. the reason i'm not using his name is because i have no right to put someone else's shit out there.

the boy still has this blog address after all.

that being said, the reason i call it a "sexual encounter" is because that's what it was. it couldn't really be called sex. i think that both of us knew deep down inside that we were better as friends. and so, the sex didn't even work. so ya. sexual encounter it was. with the words "sexual encounter" i wanted to get across the fact that the reason we abstained was not because i had grown an instant conscience.

now. all THAT being said. i also feel the need to tell you that i did NOT have sex with EVERY FUCKING GUY I CAME INTO CONTACT WITH. i mean, geez i'd be a busy girl if i screwed every guy i know. i have male friends, plenty of them, whom i've not slept with. (mark speak up here, tell them we've never had sex and at some point you didn't even have a girlfriend)

why it's important for me to let you know all this is, admitedly, laughable. i mean, why i feel the need to defend bad behavior by saying "hey it could be worse," is beyond me.

let's just call it part of the process...