kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

being bad feels pretty good, huh?

played hooky from work yesterday and it felt good.

do you experience elevated scrotal temperatures? heh heh.

remember me of the cell phone brain cancer thing? look how many of us aren't using those anymore.

poor dimebag darrell.
and columbus is such a cool town.
i mean i loved the cowboys from hell too,
was a bit angry when they broke up
but not angry enough to kill one of the best guitar players left
i mean maybe they hit it and then quit it so's they didn't get old and stupid
like the chili's.
didja ever think of that, nathan?

i just found out that johnny eck was born
on the same day as me
61 years earlier
in the same town.

if you haven't seen freaks...
well... you should.

"I met hundreds and thousands of people, and none finer than the midgets and the Siamese twins and the caterpillar man and the bearded woman and the human seal with the little flippers for hands. I never asked them any embarrassing questions and they never asked me, and God, it was a great adventure." -- johnny eck

why doesn't anybody do the black rider anymore?

apparently tony's new blook is selling like "hotcakes."
as well it should.
can't say i've read it but i've seen it.
and now we can see him on tv.

question of the day:
how can anyone spend $80 on half price sushi?