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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

fuck the christmas formal

for years my grandmother has been sending 12 little gifts each to my immediate family.

she calls them "the days before christmas presents."

we get to open the first one on the twelfth day before christmas and the last on christmas eve.

it's a cool little family tradition. the gifts are small but fun. (a potholder from her church bazaar, little estee lauder gift bags, a pad with my name on it, etc...)

the christmas eve present is always pajamas or a night gown to wear the next morning for gift-opening pictures. (one year i got a care-bear footed sleeper -- at age 14 -- not so cool when you're trying to be so punk rock it hurts -- i'd obviously kill for it today)

but my grandmother's been sick this year. she lives in florida (oddly enough) and what with all the hurricanes and funerals for her friends... well, she called one day to tell me that regrettably...

she wouldn't be sending the "days before christmas presents" this year.

no big deal mommom. it was always an extra added fun part of christmas.



we'll live without them. i love and miss you.

then a little disappointment set in. they were so fun.

and then it just happens that when i get home from work that day, there was a package on my doorstep. it was from my mom. the "days before christmas presents."

she took over for mommom.

fucking amazing.

so if you're doing the math... today i opened the second present.

my mom loves me even though i'm a slacker not-keeper-in-toucher.... and she knows me. she knows me so well it's scary.

yesterday... the 12th day before christmas...

two packs of christmas cards.

she's so fucking awesome. how'd she know i hadn't bought them yet?

and today... the 11th day before christmas???

a roll of stamps.

just when i was wondering how the fuck i was going to pay for stamps for 30 christmas cards...

i have the greatest mom in the world.