kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Monday, December 13, 2004

yes but it has nothing to do with los angeles

i'm the luckiest girl in the world.
i'm so god damned blessed i should be glowing.

friday night the roommate and i and some dates went to a ho-down. and yes it really was a hoe down. very social. kinda boring. topped off by great conversation, a catfish sandwich, and a
nice kiss.

saturday i saw bad education. god i love that boy. though by now i'm positive that he goes both ways. that's hot.

saturday night we were invaded by very nice aliens. some of them stayed. one of them was an energizer bunny...
"who wants a blow job?"

did you know that the velvet margarita cantina has dimes glued on the walls and floors?
just dimes.

sunday was NFL with the aliens.is it weird that i still create lasting relationships with my bartender even though i don't drink anymore? let's call it habit.
or insurance?

sometime during this last week my great friend sharyn-who-doesn't-blame-me-for-not-keeping-in-touch-as-well-as-i-should emailed to tell me to "stop by" sometime. she said she and her husband would both be home on sunday evening.

i almost didn't.

when i got there (around six... is that evening?) she had the table set up for three and asked me if i was hungry. of course, when am i not?

the greatest thing is that she wouldn't have been mad if i didn't come.

but i did.

and she gave me the big news. they're pregnant. no one's done it better. dated for 3 or 4 years lived together for 2 or 3 married for 1 or 2 and now pregnant.
that's fucking insane.
and completely fucking awesome.

just after dinner
a new boy came a-text-messaging.
a really cute boy.
who i've been meaning to get around to.

"what r u doin"

"hi. dinner. almost done. you?

"meeting...what are u doing later"


"yes you are... i'll call u after da meeting."


"are u gonna b ready...you are'nt gonna hurt me are u... should i b sacred?" [sic]

"i wont b ready right away. you'll have 2 talk dirty 2 me. yes b scared."
"nah my roommates home so we cant b too crazy"

"i dont have a roommate..."

"ok then b very scared."

and to top it all off... in the latest news:
i win again!!!
i win i win i win.
i was going to take my good friend mark
to see slayer
but then i ran out of money
and had to tell him i couldn't.
this morning he emailed me...

"you wanna go anyway? I am obsessing a little with Slayer and I want to fucking go and you're coming with me. if you still want to go."

if i still wanna go????

praise hail satan.